QIP & special testing methods

In order to be able to assess the quality of the items beforehand and offer our customers the greatest possible transparency, we aim to achieve the optimum from manufacture and function. This is where our many years of experience and the stipulations of the standards and directives stand us in good stead.

Critical features, functional properties and dimensions are monitored from different perspectives in the preliminary stages and discussed with the suppliers and customers. The aim of this is an open discussion culture for optimal implementation.

CT and optical measurement technology

At Scholz we have been working with radiography techniques since 2006. Our wealth of experience and continuous further development in-house offer many decisive advantages.

Non-destructive testing and a prototype condition not impaired by ambient influences provide a treasure trove of data, allowing first serial samples manufactured 10 years ago to be compared directly with today’s tool condition. In areas that are even too small for conventional measurement technology, we have had great success with optical measurement technology.

Varifocal systems can be used to measure the smallest of radii up to 0.1 μm or even tooth fillets on modules of m=0.2 or less. Again, it is possible to obtain information about the surface finish here without having to use profile tracing methods.


Gear measurement / testing and tactile measurement technology

We have equipped ourselves with reliable partners and the best technology when it comes to gear measurement and testing.
We use the Zeiss Prismo for gear measurements, which is one of the most powerful industrial measuring systems available. An
additional axis means that even helical gears can be scanned.

And for testing, we have enlisted the help of Frenco, our reliable partner, who knows testing techniques for gears
inside out. As part of our own innovative capacity, we keep a close eye on measuring and test equipment trends and
seek to make our own contribution. We use REANY, a software for determining the parameters influencing gear errors,
to trial and develop new approaches for gear wheel manufacture and measurement.



A passion for measurement accuracy -
down to the smallest detail. Details

Mould design and construction

It’s what drives our industry-leading precision engineering.
High-end manufacturing pushed to the limit. Details

Process monitoring,

continuous further development and
improvement of our processes. Details