Our high-end manufacturing for 
absolute precision

Innovative technologies are the cornerstone for
maximum flexibility and the reliability of our products.

They allow us to meet the individual needs of our customers
and to develop solutions in keeping with their requirements right from
the outset. 

Unfailing quality requires 
consistency and accuracy 

Our tools are kept in optimal condition through regular maintenance,
dry ice cleaning, ultrasonic baths and, in special cases, medical
cleaning. We always keep a stock of essential tool parts in case the worst
comes to the worst and a replacement is required at short notice. This keeps
the risk of production downtime and supply bottlenecks to a minimum.

Electrical discharge machining (EDM)

We use wire cutting and die sinking to achieve maximum accuracy
and thus comply with the smallest of tolerances and the finest of structures.
With wire diameters much smaller than a human hair, we can also reliably manufacture
gear teeth structures below the standard-compliant module 0.2 or flanging radii of less than
30 μm.



No effort or expense was spared when we were creating the necessary conditions
and optimal environment for this. From components and electrodes tracked by RFID
in fully automated manufacturing and measuring to axis resolutions on the machines
well below 1 μm - we can meet the highest standards in mould design and construction.

Serial nanoprecision

Processing electrodes or directly in steel - especially when already hardened - leaves no
scope for discrepancies. In order to live up to our own high standards, we have installed
cutting-edge technology.

Standardised clamping technology, hydrostatically fastened and hardwearing guides as
well as intelligent machine temperature control all form the foundation for the best results.

We have several mill centres where we manufacture the electrodes for die sinking,
tooling inserts and form components. They allow us to achieve optimal results with axis
positioning accuracies of 0.5 μm by using spindles with temperatures controlled to ±0.2K
in work areas with special air conditioning. We also use jig grinding technology for the
hardest of materials.


Measurement of the finished parts is just as important as precision manufacturing. Even the
best process with high-precision machinery is subject to the physical laws of nature and
can result in discrepancies. To work out the best possible combination, it is essential to recognise
the discrepancies that can arise in the manufacturing processes. To this end, our mould design
and construction department is equipped with excellent measurement technology both for fully
automatic measurements in the manufacture of items and on the workbench. As well as 3D
measuring machines from Zeiss (Contura 2 and Duramax), we have height gauges and Leica
measuring microscopes.



It’s what drives our industry-leading
precision engineering. Details


Passionate about measurement accuracy - 
down to the smallest detail. Details


Passionate about measurement accuracy. Details​​​​​​​