The Scholz philosophy at the heart of our
daily work

As a family owned and operated business, our ethos is to make farsighted decisions with sustainability at the forefront. Our day-to-day work is thus characterised by long-term goals and our values, which prioritise an excellent working environment, pioneering innovations and environmentally-friendly practices and behaviour. 

Our employees are our most important asset

Every development and product starts with our employees. That is why we set great store by good working relationships and respect, and give all of our employees the opportunity to play an active role in the company. 

Further training opportunities and our active promotion of the health of our employees are just some of the benefits that motivate them to share our passion for precision. 

Innovation & further development

In order to stay at the cutting edge and continue to meet our customers’ needs, we are constantly developing our products. 

The expansion of our company and range of products gives us the flexibility not only to fulfil current demands, but also enables us to set new standards with state-of-the-art developments. 

Environmentally conscious - in thought and deed 

We are constantly aware of the current and future impact of our actions. Progress, to us, includes thinking of future generations today. This is reflected in our environmental management system, sustainable processes as well as certifications such as ISO 14001,which are designed to help us make a significant contribution to environmental objectives. 

In a nutshell: our environmental policy aims at a future worth living in. 



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